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If you are looking for the right combination of systems integration experience, technological expertise, proven hardware and software knowledge, and dedication to the end user which molds diverse building systems into a functional tool, you have come to the right place.


We provide solutions to building operation challenges. While high quality hardware is an important component we offer, we are not in the hardware business. We are in the integration business. Plug and play building systems are a myth. It takes experience and understanding the customer’s needs and capabilities to provide the right hardware, software and training which will allow the customer to operate their facility to achieve their goals.

CCTV Systems have become one of the most effective methods of deterring theft and vandalism of property. They are becoming very common the workplace to ensure employees are working safely in hazardous situations.

The presence of a camera states to the would-be intruder, thief or aggressor, that he will be seen and recorded at all times.


CCTV Systems now have the ability to be viewed and recorded anywhere in the world, with the addition of IP Cameras, Networkable DVRs / NVRs and the Internet.


You can even view the system live on your smartphone and have snapshots or video footage sent via email.